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Videos and content from Ruth Ann Penny on how to improve your movement and posture.

Ruth Ann’s Videos

Brief, targeted lessons aimed at improving everyday mobility.



Getting up from a chair

Optimal seated posture

Optimal seated posture #2

The Tripod Foot


The Tripod Foot 1


The Tripod Foot 2


The Tripod Foot 3

Six Balance Poses


Shoulder Mobility Exercises

Easy warm-up


Two poses for “Stretch”

Other Resources

Other helpful articles, videos and websites aimed at improving everyday mobility

Great resources on foot health:

The Foot Collective – A global health network

Recent research on flexibility and its usefulness:

Why You Don’t Need to Be Gumby: Mobility vs. Flexibility

Is being super bendy really a health ideal we should strive for?


Walking and its benefits for the aging brain:

Can Walking Reverse Brain Aging?

A recent study finds that exercise can strengthen the brain and improve memory.


Interesting new research on chronic pain:

The Pain Brain

Millions of Americans are living with chronic pain. A quiet revolution in research and treatment is finding new ways to help them heal.


Early morning stiffness and its causes:

ASK WELL: Why Does My Body Feel Tight When I Wake Up?
And what can I do to feel better?

If you regularly wake up with stiff muscles, creaky joints or the general feeling that your body simply isn’t as limber as it was when you went to bed, the first thing to know is that you are not alone. Waking up with a tight body is “almost a universal human experience,” said Maryclaire Capetta, a physical therapist and assistant professor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. And, she added, it’s quite common for it to happen every day.


How to prepare the joints for walking:

Take the next step toward enhanced strength, improved mobility and greater confidence.

{I used to have sciatica and pain in my legs sitting for many hours with my clients in counselling sessions. Now I don't have any pain anymore. The chairlift classes are so brilliant as they have realigned my hips which were the cause of pain in the first place. Doing movement work while sitting has had many wonderful benefits: it keeps my hips in alignment, it has increased my range of motion, and has created more space in the hip joint and the tightness, which was the cause of the pain in the first place, is gone.
Movement and yoga student
{Ruth Ann brought her excellent knowledge of anatomy and yoga to the assessment of areas in my body with limited movement as a result of past injuries and conditioning. I have felt confident and involved in the exercise program created to release old patterns and to improve movement. As I continue with our plan, I feel the difference it makes!
Chair and Mat yoga student
{Ruth Ann has been my movement teacher for a few years. I look forward to my classes and my private sessions, which are both informative and fun Instructions are always supported by scientific facts and I appreciate this.
Chair yoga student
{Ruth Ann Penny is a superb teacher of yoga and therapeutic movement. She knows her subject thoroughly, and as my private tutor of the practice, she has been attentive to my particular needs with her always clear and calm instruction.
private student