Tire out your grandkids

With gentle, targeted therapies, practices and therapeutic exercises that require no special equipment or skill and customized to your unique challenges. Learn them once; use them forever.

Don't let a joint-replacement slow you down

In the comfort of your own home, we can help you get out and doing again.

If you are experiencing the limitations of ageing, chronic joint inflammation issues, recovering from recent joint surgery or an injury, you can improve and maintain your strength, balance, overall mobility and confidence.

Ruth Ann Penny’s MoveBetter Toolkit™

is a bespoke mobility program built just for you.

Progressive, practical sessions and follow-up videos are created to respond to your unique mobility challenges and restore your vitality as you navigate everyday life.

Ruth Ann works with people over the age of 60 who are facing mobility problems that arise with the passing of time, or through chronic conditions.

Joint Surgeries

Wear and tear often lead to joint replacement surgeries. Once post-operative therapies are finished, you may want a self-managed movement routine. Our gentle, targeted sessions help you rebuild and sustain balance, strength and agility.

Chronic Conditions and Diseases

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and COPDs are just some of the conditions that arrive with age – and stay. Discomfort is common. A gentle personalized mobility program can help re-establish healthy movement patterns and reduce pain.


Rebounding in the aftermath of an injury can be hard for anyone, regardless of age. We work to decrease the stiffness, swelling and tension that can plague the older adult whose recovery is often slower by taking an incremental respectful approach as you return to your normal.

General Ageing

We are never too old to form new patterns and new approaches to movement. The MoveBetter program offers tools to restore the confidence and freedom that come with improved mobility.

What to expect at MoveBetter

Ruth Ann Penny is a veteran adult educator and movement coach. Her own physical challenges and her extensive background in therapeutic yoga, biomechanics, somatics and other movement modalities have helped clients across the city of Toronto, Canada and internationally.

You’ll meet Ruth Ann in an exploratory video meeting. The meeting is complimentary. It will provide you with an overview of Ruth Ann’s approach and opportunity to investigate and analyze your specific needs. This meeting is called the MoveBetter Discovery Session and is usually an hour long.

Should you decide to proceed with Ruth Ann’s MoveBetter program, you will develop a detailed plan, or Roadmap, together, one designed to move you toward your goals. This program is yours alone – unique and customized.

Ensuing sessions with Ruth Ann are interactive, thorough, adaptive and fun. If you live in Toronto, Ruth Ann is happy to teach face to face in the comfort of your home. You will receive follow-up notes and occasional videos to guide you as you work independently between sessions. Over time, you will stock a reliable, sustainable, toolkit of exercises, movement routines and practices.

Your MoveBetter Toolkit, once built out and complete, is yours for as long as you need it.

{I used to have sciatica and pain in my legs sitting for many hours with my clients in counselling sessions. Now I don't have any pain anymore. The chairlift classes are so brilliant as they have realigned my hips which were the cause of pain in the first place. Doing movement work while sitting has had many wonderful benefits: it keeps my hips in alignment, it has increased my range of motion, and has created more space in the hip joint and the tightness, which was the cause of the pain in the first place, is gone.
Movement and yoga student
{Ruth Ann brought her excellent knowledge of anatomy and yoga to the assessment of areas in my body with limited movement as a result of past injuries and conditioning. I have felt confident and involved in the exercise program created to release old patterns and to improve movement. As I continue with our plan, I feel the difference it makes!
Chair and Mat yoga student
{Ruth Ann has been my movement teacher for a few years. I look forward to my classes and my private sessions, which are both informative and fun Instructions are always supported by scientific facts and I appreciate this.
Chair yoga student
{Ruth Ann Penny is a superb teacher of yoga and therapeutic movement. She knows her subject thoroughly, and as my private tutor of the practice, she has been attentive to my particular needs with her always clear and calm instruction.
private student

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